Q:What's the difference between decision node and situation node?

A: Decision node represents your decision which you can control. For example, when you want to invest, it's up to you to invest in stock or real estate.
    While situation node represents the consequence for every option of your decision, which you can not control.
    What you know is the probability of every option node of situation that will happend.

Q:What is option node?

A: Option node represents every option for decision node or situation node.
    The option node of situation has one more attribute "Probability" than option node of decision.

Q:What does the attribute of probability mean for the option node of situation?

A: It means the probability that it will happen. If it will definitely happen, it's value is 1, and the other one is 0.

Q:What about the best path?

A: It's generated by the software according to the payoffs and probabilities of your decision tree.
    The rule of the best path is to reach the maximum of payoff.

Q:What features will Decision Evaluator provide next step?

A: Decision Evaluator will come with more features such as variable, statistics graph in next version.

Q:Do I have support if I buy Decision Evaluator?

A: Yes. We will provide support if you have any question. You can contact us at: support@biz-object.com.

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